So a bit about me!

I am a Perth based graphic designer, artist, pen lover, business owner and mum.  Fueled by coffee and driven by a need to be creative and learning new things.

Negative Space Studio is my space to explore all things artistic. I run hand-lettering workshops, create custom hand-lettered stationery, prints, wall painting and lettering on whatever objects need to be lettered on (just ask ... even if it's really weird I'll probably still do it anyway).

I love graphic design and realised that by joining forces with Kerrie Allen from Gameface we would be able to provide bigger and better services than doing it solo. We set up The Control Freak Co and as well as business branding we can help with business strategy, organisation & planning as well as all things graphic/creative/artistic!

I am a director at Guerrilla Establishment which is a not for profit organisation aimed at providing informal workshops for personal and professional growth. I am also a board member for CleftPALS WA, another not for profit, who are there to support parents, professionals and children/adults who were born with a cleft palate and/or lip.

And lastly, I am regular contributor for the Penultimate Magazine by Black Chalk Co. creating lettering tutorials and sharing my experiences with their readers. 

As you can probably tell, I don't often sit still and will find opportunities and new projects in every corner I look.

Don't be shy and send me a message if you have any inquiries, questions or if you are unsure whether I am able to help (I probably am #truth) but if not I`ll make sure to point you in the right direction.